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Welcome to GManTech Consulting, where:

Your Bottom Line is Our Top Priority.

Is your Small- or Medium-sized Business (SMB) in need of custom programming for:Image by winnond

  • additional reports or screens
  • a new application
  • conversion of RPG III to free-format RPG IV
  • conversion of data from one format to another

Put GManTech Consulting's 20+ years of custom programming experience with Power System on IBMi (AS/400) to work for you.

Programming skills include:

  • Project Management - let us direct the project from start to finish
  • RPGLE - free format, procedures, service programs, complete modular design
  • CLLE - including custom command design
  • SQL in all variations: embedded in RPGLE, interactive, QMQRY, RUNSQLSTM, Query/400
  • REXX - powerful scripting language on platform since System/38 days
  • DDS - screens, reports, database design
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and now PHP!
  • Joomla! - let us build a corporate intranet for lot less than you might expect
  • jQuery - integrate your IBMi DB2 data directly into your Intranet with PHP, with or without MySQL




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